Botox and Dermal Filler Training Cardiff

Botox and Dermal Filler Courses in Cardiff

The popularity of non-invasive beauty treatments such as chemical peels, dermal fillers and BOTOX® is causing a demand for well-trained technicians all over the UK.  And to get those professionals to excellent standards, good training courses are essential.   As a country in its own right, Wales will benefit from having outstanding training courses in these procedures with the new MATA training centre in Cardiff.  As the capital of Wales, and one of the UK’s largest cities, Cardiff will be fundamental in the development of a safe and reliable national workforce for the aesthetics industry.

Our Cardiff Courses

If you are a resident of Wales and are considering starting or enhancing your career in aesthetic practices you will find the Cardiff location for the MATA Courses ideally positioned for all your training needs.  Concentrating on four of the most in-demand, non-invasive aesthetic therapies, MATA Courses is running the following training sessions in Cardiff:

Dermal Fillers.  Facial anatomy provides the basis for this course at Foundation Level.  Delegates will build on this knowledge to gain a solid skill-set for treating all areas of the face.  Trainees will also study the importance of patient assessment and gain essential experience via demonstrations and real models.  The Foundation and Advanced levels attain a Level 7 on the industry-recognised qualification.  The Advanced Level is only for existing medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists. At MATA Courses, delegates find the Dermal Fillers training matches very well with the BOTOX® training to make a two-day course.

Laser Light courses:  From hair removal to skin pigmentation reduction, our training courses on laser light procedures are as high-performance as the technologies we use.  If you are interested learning any one of, or multiple applications of this advanced therapy system you must consider MATA.  Here are all the applications we train, and continue to research on:

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser and Light Vascular Reduction
  • Laser and Light Pigmentation Reduction
  • Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Skin Resurfacing with Non-Ablative Lasers
  • Skin Resurfacing with Ablative Lasers

At MATA Courses we exceed the standards and expectations by the government training known as “Core of Knowledge”.  By devoting a significant proportion of the training time to practice with live models, our delegates gain a richer and deeper understanding of the procedure and its outcomes.  Confidence is key when dealing with your own patience, but safety is paramount and our training courses will give you that knowledge and confidence to provide successful treatments every time.

Chemical Peels:  MATA’s chemical peel Foundation Level training is for beauty therapists and aesthetic practitioners.  The certification achieved at the end of the course is equivalent to NVQ3.  At this level, delegates will learn a great deal about the anatomy of the face and the many skin types that can be presented to a clinician leading to an ability to diagnose skin problems that may not be known to the patient.  They will get a good understanding of the different kinds of peel available and how to select the right one for each skin problem.  Problems that can arise from the treatments, and how to deal with unexpected outcomes, is an important of the training. Detailed demonstrations and the all-important hands-on practice on real live models complete this robust learning module.  Doctors, dentists and nurses can attend the Advanced level which concentrates on deeper peels to treat more bad cases of pigmentation or severe scarring.  Here delegates will learn more of the need for greater skin preparations and aftercare.

BOTOX® Training Cardiff:  At MATA Courses, our BOTOX® education and training is considered industry-leading due the strong focus on learning facial anatomy, attention to safety and the provision of real-life models.  Because of this, the industry-recognised Level 7 qualification for doctors, nurses and dentists goes beyond the HEE 2016 Guidelines.  Although the course starts with an online resource portal, the certification is awarded once a good deal of practical application is achieved – giving the delegate a fully comprehensive understanding of the BOTOX® treatments as they are practiced today.

Training in Cardiff

Address: 52 Charles St, Cardiff CF10 2GF

Points of Interest

Being the capital city of Wales, Cardiff is, as you might expect, a lively and vibrant city.  Cardiff is arguably one of Britain’s most fascinating cities due to is fiercely protected welsh culture and language which is so different to English.  But on top of this you can experience all the usual city attractions such as shopping, museums eating out and theatre events.  And as a healthcare professional, you might be interested to know that the University Hospital of Wales is the UK’s 3rd largest hospital and is situated in Cardiff centre.


There is on site accommodation which offers a small amount of rooms and is exclusive but this would make a two day course very easy and comfortable.  Alternatively you can opt for accommodation in central Burnley which is very close by, have a look at the Keirby Park Hotel. There is also the Holiday Inn Express near Junction 10 of the M65. For a general or wider search in the area view TripAdvisor.