If you are a Dentist looking to undertake a botulinium toxin training course, why not consider expanding your skills with MATA Courses?

Many dental practices now offer aesthetic treatments as they complement cosmetic dentistry well.  With an ever-increasing demand for these treatments from patients, it’s necessary to keep up with your competitors and expand your range of services.  As facial aesthetic treatments require maintenance, you will find that you have increased your number of repeat customers as they will come in for regular top ups.

Botox training courses for Dentists are highly recommended as dental professionals already have a good knowledge of facial anatomy and are likely to be experienced with administering dental block injections.  Dentists are already used to working in a sterile environment so practising safe facial aesthetic treatments will be second nature.

Expert tutors will give you the skills and knowledge to enable you to integrate facial aesthetics such as Botox and dermal filler treatments into your dental practice.  You will have access to a range of support from our teachers, mentors and friendly administrative staff, a fully comprehensive Virtual Learning System, online videos, webinars, business and marketing guidance, product ordering and more.