Injectables E-Learning Platform

E-Learning – what’s it all about?

In today’s fast moving pace to achieve time and financial efficiencies there is little that escapes the application of technological change. Education is an area of our lives that is benefitting from the digital revolution and many individuals are now able to learn more and qualify to professional standards with just a basic piece of equipment and access to the internet. We call this approach to education E-Learning. It is being applied in schools, universities, businesses and independently employed people such as cosmetic clinicians. Depending upon the type of training, many courses will be complemented with lectures and face-to-face or group sessions. This is what we call blended learning. If examinations or practical assessments are necessary these sessions will still be required to validate a person’s true knowledge and ability.

How does it work?

  •  A typical E-Learning course will start with asking the right questions so a prospective delegate is sure that this is the right course for them.
  • Once this is decided upon, registration is activated. All details, including proven qualifications, are entered and terms and conditions agreed. You might have the option to spread payments over the course duration or you may wish to pay in one go.
  • Many courses are modular and self-paced so you can fit the learning and test times around your working/home life. But some will have time constraints so you must be careful that you are aware of these limits. The content is often made up of critical information for assessment stages, useful information to build your knowledge and career and interactive tasks such as quizzes and written assignments. Webinars, videos and group calls can all be effective ways to be educated within the E-Learning forums.
  • A good course will have a dedicated student support system so that you can call or email your tutor should you need advice.
  • When you have completed all significant sections of your learning you are likely to be tested and when successful, you move on to the next module.
  • Where applicable to your subject, upon successful completion at the final stage will be invited to join any final assessment or practical sessions that are necessary – such as injecting a patient with a dermal filler. It is critical that it is first observed by the professional and then opportunities to practice on flesh-like materials or preferably a real person.
  • Once all parts of the course have been successfully completed, you will be issued with an appropriate level of certification.

The MATA E-Learning platform for Injectables

The E-learning platform for Injectables (such as BOTOX and Dermal Fillers) by MATA Courses offers a university standard of blended learning. It is an industry leading course designed by doctors, surgeons, manufacturers and education specialists, and one business and prospective employers look to.

  • The E-Learning course features:
  • Online registration to activate the whole course
  • Self-paced modules to suit your work/home life demands
  • Engaging videos
  • Live Webinars with tutors
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Email/telephone contact with the tutor
  • Post-course support through the MATA Learning Community
  • An example of the Foundation Level BOTOX® Course including the E-learning platform at MATA typically takes around 100 hours to complete and features:
    • Online theory studied in your own time via our university-standard learning platform with interactive tests.
    • Tutorials with hands-on practice with cadaverous materials progressing to live models.
    • Clinic-based assessments and completion of a log book
    • Written examinations.
    • Ongoing support.
    • Content and subjects offered – there are four core units and one optional unit covering:
    • Facial anatomy
    • Optional dissection and injectible practice on cadavers
    • Different types/brands of Botulinum Toxin
    • Medical history, consent forms and note taking
    • Patient assessment
    • Specific areas such as Frown lines and crow’s feet.
    • Brow lifting
    • Achieving a natural result with BOTOX®
    • Pre-treatment and post-treatment care
    • Possible complications and how to avoid/deal with them
    • Demonstrations
    • Practical training on model


Blended learning using virtual or e-learning tools, has been proven to encourage independent learning skills. Students experience a better understanding of the subject show a higher level of interaction with teachers during face-to-face sessions. Most tutors will agree that blended is a more motivational form of learning which produces higher cognitive skills and longer term knowledge.

The key is getting the balance of virtual and real just right. A good E-Learning course will provide the perfect equilibrium. At MATA we have designed our courses to offer effective, well-paced and valuable education that is essential for clinician confidence, patient safety/satisfaction and industry standards.