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Beginners Foundation Botox and Dermal Fillers Courses London

Looking to enter the world of aesthetics? Well, at MATA, our foundation courses are a fantastic introduction into both Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Dermal Fillers. Due to high demand, we offer courses targeted for esteemed medical professionals seeking to refresh their skill set. All our courses are fully accredited, taught by experienced tutors and tailored to the medical professional.

In our partnership with OTHM, a UK based Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations), our Level 7 Certificate in Clinical Injectable Therapies is recognised as an equivalent to Master’s Degrees and Postgraduate qualifications. With MATA, we give you peace of mind knowing that we offer the strictest and highest standard of educational competence to ensure new delegates are competent with both knowledge and practical application aesthetic injectables.

It may come as no surprise that regulations surrounding aesthetics are changing, which is why our courses are designed explicitly to follow The Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) and obey standard Cosmetic Standards Practice Authority (CSPA); giving you the highest level of protection, ensuring all products and methods are validated, licenced and with aims to uphold patient welfare.



If you seek to acquire a place on one of our foundation courses, you must be qualified with an undergraduate degree (Level 6) in medicine, nursing, midwifery or dentistry. Exceptions may include delegates with a paramedics or dental hygienist qualifications. Additionally, you must have proof of practice by holding a valid GMC/NMC/GDC/GPhC active licence in the UK. Finally, we recommend all delegates have a proficiency in English, either as a first language or evidence of English competence (Testing System (IELTS) 7.0 in all components).

What can I expect?

Our foundation training is a fantastic asset to add to your repertoire of skills, we use small classes, giving the required delegate to tutor time and follow a flexible schedule designed to fit around your free time. Our foundation training is a two-day course, normally scheduled over the weekend, this can be completed as apart of the Level 7 Diploma in Facial Aesthetics: Incorporating OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Injectable Therapies.


London Course Outline

Day 1: Botox Training;

Covering core theory and knowledge for Botox, facial anatomy, contradictions, patient assessment, Botox products, injection technique and aftercare. Essentially, if completed as part of the Level 7 Diploma, we recommend you complete the core theory on our virtual learning environment (VLE) before attending the practical session. The afternoon focusses on giving you hands-on experience with live models, you get clinical supervision covering fundamental techniques like Crow’s Feet, Forehead Lines and Glabella Lines.


Day 2: Dermal Fillers Training;

Includes core theory and presentation by our experienced tutors introducing you to the theory about skin anatomy, skin ageing, patient assessment, products, injection technique, aftercare and complications. Similarly, you will be able to access the theory beforehand on the VLE and complete end-of-unit questions. Our afternoon session uses live models, giving you the required practical experience and learning techniques covering Lip Fillers, Nasolabial Lines and Marionette Lines.


What can MATA offer you?


Any Questions?

  1. What is the virtual learning environment, and how will it help me train in aesthetics?

The virtual learning environment (VLE) has been explicitly designed to guide delegates through the core theory online. We are very proud of the VLE because if you have a computer and an internet connection, you will be able to complete the core knowledge in your own time. This prepares you in advance before our training days, ensuring you understand the theory before you practice on live models.


  1. What happens if I fail an assessment?

At MATA, we do our best to accommodate your needs and guide you through a structured system, by completing the core units on the VLE and assessing your understanding throughout. However, if you do fail an assessment, then we can process an appeal or referral.


  1. Why should I train with MATA on the practical days?

Firstly, we are in the heart of London and use state-of-the-art clinics and have highly experienced tutors who are thoroughly trained in both medicine and cosmetic practice. Our training days use live models, which can be organised by the delegate if required. One significant benefit of using live models is that you gain experience using the correct technique and become skilled in risk-averse practice. Additionally, we can give you constructive feedback ensuring you develop the competence of practice with aesthetic injectables.


  1. Where is the training held?

Our training is based in the UK, with many of the training weekends held in London. However, we can cater to your needs and might be located in other prestigious clinics in Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin, Newcastle and Bristol.


  1. Why do delegates train in Botox?

There are many reasons why acquiring accredited qualifications will benefit you, entering the aesthetics industry. For some, it substantially increases their earning potential allowing them to choose their hours of work. Others may seek to become accredited in aesthetics because they want a challenge or seek to upgrade their skill-set. However, in most cases, it allows you to choose your hours and achieve a more natural work-life balance.


  1. With your courses will I be able to make contacts for beginning a new aesthetics business.

There’s no guarantee; however, MATA was initially started in 2015 by Mr. F Zavahir, MBCHB, MRCS, MSC who is the lead director of MATA and Juvea Aesthetics. Essentially, he has been involved in developing and maintaining necessary contacts within the aesthetics industry to actively grow a strong network of medical professionals, cosmetic specialists who are actively training Botox and Dermal Filler practice. We can teach you the basics in learning how to market yourself, at the training days where you will meet other people in a similar boat. Not to mention, if required we may be able to introduce to contacts, from there on you can learn about marketability, profitability and both theory and practicality of aesthetics.


  1. How much work should I complete before attending practical days?

Our VLE system will guide you through the foundation course and actively tell you which core theory units should be completed before attending. It is not a requirement before attending, instead of a recommendation. By completing the core units, you give yourself more time to practice with the live models.


  1. Can I go on to complete your postgraduate diploma?

Yes, the foundation courses are included within The MATA Level 7 Certificate in Facial Aesthetics: Incorporating OTHM Level 7 Certificate in Clinical Injectable Therapies with advanced training. Many decide to complete the Postgraduate diploma since its one of a kind, giving you a varied approach to practical and core theory.


  1. How many hours does the Level 7 Certificate take to complete?

The foundation courses as discussed are completed as part of The MATA Level 7 Certificate in Facial Aesthetics: Incorporating OTHM Level 7 Certificate in Clinical Injectable Therapies equates to 34 credits. Roughly, this takes 340 hours of learning, revision, practical sessions and completion of practical DOPs and logbook recording. However, it is varying with each individual because some people manage to complete the core theory faster than others.


  1. I am thinking about doing the foundation courses, but I am unsure if the Level 7 Diploma would be better for me?

Our MATA Level 7 Diploma in Facial Aesthetics: Incorporating OTHM Level 7 Certificate in Clinical Injectable Therapies is exclusive to MATA, the only independent academy offering an aesthetic diploma at the moment. With our diploma, you will be able to get access to foundation, advanced and exclusive mentorship days. This ensures you have the skills to stand out in a highly competitive market which is worth 60 credits nearly twice the amount of the certificate, equating to 34 credits. However, only completing the foundation training is equivalent to a Level 7 Certificate which many have who are entering aesthetics. Therefore, giving you patients piece of mind of your competence, you learn complex skills highly desirable to people who seek to begin an aesthetics business.



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