Higher Standard of Training Needed as the Popularity of Non-Surgical Treatments Continues to Soar

A recent survey by Key Note shows that although cosmetic surgery figures in the UK decreased last year by 3.6%, the non-surgical market continued to grow and now account for 85% of the market. They expected to become even more popular, increasing by 27%, as the population opts for less invasive surgery.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are generally less expensive than the surgical equivalent and are viewed as having less associated risks and quicker results with little if any downtime. There are however potential risks and one London law firm has reported seeing an increase in the number of enquiries about injuries resulting from aesthetic treatments performed at beauty salons. Sarah Gubbins, associate at Penningtons Manches in London, confirmed: ‘We have investigated a number of claims against beauty salons for negligent treatment which has resulted in burns, scarring or discoloration of the skin. Our clients often require further procedures, including surgery, to correct the damage that has been caused. Unfortunately, as more and more practitioners enter this increasing market, we are seeing more mistakes being made, often by inexperienced practitioners or those who prioritise the quantity of patients over the quality of the treatment provided.”

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