Improve Retention, Results and Revenue – Adding a Skincare Line to Your Clinic

If you’re looking to improve retention, results and revenue at your clinic; there is one simple step you can take – adding a line of pharmaceutical grade skincare products.

Incorporating take-home skincare products that complement your aesthetic treatments into your clinics’ offering can come with a range of benefits:

  1. Adding a pharmaceutical skincare line can create a medium to high profit margin revenue stream at your clinic, to help recoup income from missed appointments or unexpected clinic closures. 
  2. Offering skincare products will allow you to take a holistic approach to your clients’ needs, ensuring that the successful results of your treatments are continued at home.
  3. As long as the skincare product visibly benefits the client, it will positively keep your clinic at the front of their mind for treatments even in between visits, improving client retention.

Here are the first steps we believe you should take when offering professional skincare and topical treatments to your clients

Choose Your Products

Take the same time and care in choosing pharmaceutical grade skincare products as you would have for the devices and injectable products already at your clinic. Research products fully; checking for active ingredients used (retinoids, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, etc), along with ensuring that their ingredients and manufacturing process is in line with your clinics’ ethos (for example, cruelty free, vegan, low plastic or recyclable materials), and that the product branding matches in with your own (alternative, punk type packaging wouldn’t mesh with a sophisticated setting, and vice-versa). 

We would recommend that you keep your initial product selection small, and focus on products that will enhance the treatment outcomes of your best selling treatments alongside being convenient and easy for your clients to use.You can always increase the products you offer at a later stage, once you have an better understanding of client product needs and preferences

Merchandise Your Products

If you have taken the time to research your new skincare products, then it doesn’t make sense to hide them away. Integrate the skincare line into every element of your clients’ clinic visit – use images of the products in your promotional literature and social media, have them well-displayed in your waiting area or reception, and have them on show and to hand in your treatment rooms. All of this will show your clients that the skincare line is an important part of treatment, rather than something to be treated as an afterthought.

Start Selling Your Products

Before attempting to sell these skincare products to your clients, ensure that you (and your employees) have a complete understanding of the skincare products; from ingredients and manufacturing processes to the benefits of the product and how they fit into a clients’ skincare and aesthetic treatment regime; along with any contraindications and which client group the product is optimal for.

Once you are confident you can answer any question asked, then the product can be introduced to your clients. Build the products into your client conversations from the very beginning, when discussing their skincare needs and concerns. Let clients see and feel the products and ask questions, and even let them apply small amounts of the product if this will not interfere with your treatments. Together, this approach will help drive product sales.