Launch of MATA’s Harley Street Training Stamp

Since the early 19th century, Harley Street has been renowned as a center of medical excellence in the United Kingdom. Famous figures including Florence Nightingale and Sir Joseph Lister lived on Harley Street, and today over 5000 medical specialists work in what is now known as the Harley Street Medical Area.

At MATA, we’re proud to continue Harley Street’s tradition of medical expertise, educating the next generation of medical and healthcare professionals in patient-centred aesthetics through courses developed from our home at No.1 Harley Street. 

We have delivered true Harley Street training to over 1000 delegates globally since our launch in 2015, and today we are delighted to launch our Genuine Harley Street Training Stamp.

Genuine Harley Street Training

All MATA graduates can use this Stamp in their own branding when they begin their career in aesthetics, whether on their website, social media channels or promotional material; and will:

  • Show your clients the high standard of training you have achieved
  • Set you apart from your competitors and give you an edge in your local aesthetics market

To discuss joining MATA’s global community of aesthetic professionals and begin your Harley Street training journey, call us on 020 3126 4870