Opportunities for Doctors in Aesthetics

Although the nations’ gratitude to doctors and the NHS is perhaps at an all-time high, COVID-19 has uncovered cracks within the NHS that were there long before the pandemic. Stress, burn-out and long hours alongside low pay, understaffing, and bureaucratic red tape have been thrown into the spotlight by coronavirus; and as thousands of doctors consider leaving the NHS, the hunt is on to find an alternative career path. At MATA, we believe that the answer lies in the Aesthetics Industry.

Why Doctors Should Consider Joining The Aesthetics Industry

With countless hours of professional experience, not to mention five years of study, Doctors are particularly suited towards aesthetic training. This is because:

  • Professional experience is in high demand in the aesthetics industry.
  • Doctors are trusted aesthetic practitioners, with clients willing to pay a premium to see a doctor above other medical professionals.
  • Doctors are trained injectors with experience in managing complications.
  • Doctors have established expertise in clinical interactions.
  • Doctors are experienced prescribers with knowledge of contraindications.
  • Doctors have pre-existing expert knowledge in anatomy and physiology that will only be enhanced by aesthetic training.

Doctors who have joined this rapidly growing industry have reported that moving to aesthetics has improved their life and has:

  • Improved their earning potential, whether through employment with established aesthetics clinics or through self-employment.
  • Allowed them to have a better work / life balance with the ability to set their own hours.
  • Created the chance to develop their own business, a rare opportunity in medicine.
  • Given them autonomy in their work and the opportunity to explore novel techniques.
  • Allowed them to lead change in a growing industry.

Aesthetic treatments have become thoroughly normalised in the UK, and there is an ever increasing demand for procedures including Botox® and dermal fillers. Given this, perhaps now is the time to invest in training and set your sights on a new career direction. MATA offers a range of aesthetic training courses perfectly suited to doctors; including our JCCP accredited Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics. To find out more, and take the first step towards a rewarding career in a fast-paced, exciting industry, contact us today on 020 3976 6979.