From Blood Draws to Botox – Should You Become an Aesthetics Nurse?

opportunities for nurses in aesthetics

Why Working in the Aesthetics Industry Could Be the Perfect Next Step in Your Nursing Career

Ask most nurses in the UK why they entered the field, and they’ll give you a similar answer – to help people. Yet conditions in the NHS are such that nurses are facing low pay, long hours, bureaucracy and burnout. From a lack of pay increases amounting to a real-term pay cut of £2500 since 2010, to regular antisocial 12 hour shifts, with red tape impacting the amount of time spent with patients; it’s no wonder that a massive 44% of nurses reported work-related stress and anxiety in 2019.

Nurses in the UK deserve to work in an environment where they face less stress, have a better work-life balance, have the direct contact with patients that they’ve trained for, and where they are paid appropriately for their years of study and professional experience. The question is where can such an environment be found. Our answer? The aesthetics industry. 

The aesthetics industry is booming worldwide. Demand for Botox and dermal filler treatments has risen year-on-year, with the UK expected to spend upwards of £3billion on aesthetic injectables in 2021. Nurses in the UK are perfectly placed to meet this demand, with their wealth of experience in clinical settings, non-invasive procedures and patient care highly transferable to private aesthetics practice. 

Nurses who have joined this growing industry have reported that moving to aesthetics has changed their lives for the better, with the initial costs of training far outweighed by benefits including:

  • A hugely improved work-life balance with the freedom to choose their own schedule.
  • The time to build real connections with their patients and to see the improvements in both appearance and confidence that aesthetic treatment can create.
  • The opportunity to work independently without the stresses of red-tape and targets.
  • The chance to train in new and innovative procedures.
  • A huge increase in earning potential, which is often significant enough to leave traditional nursing all together to focus solely on aesthetic practice.

Given industry demand, there has never been a better time to invest in your future and experience these benefits for yourself. MATA offers a range of training options for nurses; whether you’d like to take things step-by-step with our Foundation Course; or whether you want to quickly develop to the level of advanced practitioner through our Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics. Our courses are flexible around your schedule, and combine theory with hands-on training to give you the knowledge and skills you’ll need for a successful career in aesthetics.

At MATA, we’ve been proud to watch our delegates from nursing flourish in the aesthetics industry, whether they’ve joined established clinics or even set up their own business; and we look forward to welcoming more nurses to our worldwide community of aesthetics professionals. 

To discuss taking the first steps on your journey towards a fulfilling career in the aesthetics industry and explore training opportunities with MATA, call us today on 020 3126 4870.