Top 5 Reasons to Train as an Aesthetics Nurse!

If you are a nurse or nurse prescriber working in a hospital or clinic, it may be that you want a change in direction but to continue using your skills. Why not consider training as an aesthetics nurse? The popularity of non-surgical treatments continues to boom every year and it’s a lucrative industry. If you are NMC registered you are eligible to train in Botox and dermal filler treatments with MATA, though if you are not a nurse prescriber you will need a doctor or another healthcare professional to prescribe it.

Read MATA Courses top 5 reasons to become an Aesthetics Nurse!

1-The Financial Rewards

There’s a lot of money to be made in aesthetics treatments, and if you decide to work for yourself your earning potential is unlimited. Botox treatments are quick to carry out and the average price starts at £200.

2-Train in a Variety of Treatments

Not just Botox and dermal fillers, the world of aesthetics is constantly changing with new and exciting treatments out all the time which you will be able to train in and offer your clients. This will keep your career varied and different every day! Most non-surgical treatment training courses can be carried out in a day or weekend.

3-Move Forward Quickly

As a nurse you already have an advantage when it comes to aesthetics as you will have a good knowledge of anatomy, how to deal with patients and patient complications. At MATA, our injecting and similar courses are only offered to healthcare professionals such as doctors, dentists and nurses. Most training courses can be carried out in a weekend with as much practical experience provided as possible, with ongoing support as required.

4-The Industry is Booming

The cosmetic surgery industry, and in particular the area of facial aesthetics is booming so the demand for treatments is always high. You will be able to advance in your career and grow your on business rapidly.

5-Build Relationships

As a nurse you may feel as though there are time constraints on the time you spend with patients but when you are carrying out aesthetics treatments you will find that you can build better relationships with patients as they will return regularly for repeat treatments, and increase your job satisfaction as work will be more enjoyable!

MATA Courses prides itself on delivering the highest standard of aesthetics training and ‘hands on’ practical experience for its delegates. Give us a call today on 0203 126 4870 or email [email protected] and unleash your earning potential with MATA.