What is a Blended Learning Experience?

The term ‘blended learning experience’ can sound a little complicated, but at MATA it simply means that our delegates get to experience both theoretical learning online through our bespoke Virtual Learning Environment and hands-on practical training in a clinical setting.

Online Learning

Joining our Foundation Course or our Level 7 Diploma in Facial Aesthetics will grant you access to MATA’s Virtual Learning Environment, where you will gain an understanding of facial anatomy, the aging process, patient assessment and consultation, and the principles and practice of aesthetic injectables.  The VLE contains 150hrs of e-learning over the course of six interactive modules, each concluded with a set of multiple choice questions to test your knowledge. 

E-learning with MATA has been designed for medical professionals to complete alongside their existing work commitments as a flexible, self-managed course.

Practical Training

Our practical training takes place in groups of no more than six medical professionals, all at similar levels of ability in aesthetic injectables. You’ll begin your training with a presentation by your trainer which investigates facial anatomy, injection points and techniques, product information, danger zones and managing complications; followed by hands-on practice in Botox® and dermal filler.  

You’ll gain valuable hands-on experience in a range of treatment areas, carrying them out on MATA’s models who have been pre-assessed to ensure their suitability for their chosen procedures. All practical training is delivered under the supervision of one of our expert trainers, selected by MATA on the basis of their experience in aesthetics.

The Best Beginning in Aesthetics

The combination of online and practical training that makes up MATA’s blended learning experience will ensure that you have the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills needed to launch a successful career in aesthetics; and we are proud to have helped over 1000 delegates worldwide begin and enhance their work in the aesthetic industry. If you are ready to join our international community, then contact us today and take your first step in your journey towards aesthetics excellence.