There are many training courses, centres and academies that concentrate on aesthetic provision available in the UK today. In fact it is a bit of a mine-field but as a high-integrity professional you want to practice these procedures with the confidence that you have had the best possible standard of training, along with practical experience and that you are awarded with certification that is industry-leading.

The Checklist

To help you make the start on researching the best training providers, here is a check list of the factors that make a brilliant training course.  The course itself should provide you with an enjoyable experience, valuable education and a future-proofed recognition.  This can only be achieved if the academy responsible can meet the following criteria:

  • Is it a well-established, high integrity business?
  • Are the certificates and qualifications commercially recognised?
  • Are the certificates and qualifications internationally recognised?
  • Has the organisation won awards for their training programmes?
  • Is the course self-paced training to suit my current workload?
  • Are the tutors the best in the business?
  • Can I work on live models?
  • Does the course offer value for money?
  • I will not be sold products, equipment or other business ventures?
  • Will I get on-going support?
  • Does the organisation do more than just sell courses – what about it’s place in the industry?

About MATA

The Medical and Aesthetics Training Academy (MATA) is an internationally recognised training organisation that offers a fully comprehensive learning approach.  Through blended learning courses, a student will enjoy their training experience from the start via the virtual online platform, through to demonstrations and hands on practice on live models, right through to post course support.

More than just a course provider, MATA leads the way by sharing industry information via its learning community and business associates.  This philanthropic approach to managing the business ensures all who become involved in MATA’s world can benefit from old ways and new developments.

Our two overarching business objectives are patient safety and a drive to improve industry standards.  MATA is not only an industry leader we work with government bodies to help inform decisions to improve the industry as a whole.   MATA was instrumental in a governmental review on the cosmetic surgery sector.  The newly formed Joint Council for Cosmetic Practioners (JCCP) has issued guidelines which we are proud to have been associated with and are aligned to in all our courses.

Established at the centre for medical excellence, MATA Courses is now operating internationally in Australia, Dubai, New Zealand and Singapore.


10 reasons to choose MATA

No. 1 –  MATA The Protagonist

In 2015 the UK Government reviewed the cosmetic surgery landscape and discovered a great deal of confusion around qualification and experience requirements.  MATA worked with doctors, surgeons, manufacturers, educationalists and other industry experts to put forward a set of guidelines and recommendations that aim to raise education standards, patient/user safety and ultimately improve the industry as a whole.  MATA is proud to have been a fundamental part of this strategy and continues to lead the way in developing the sector further in the UK and abroad.

No.2 – Accredited Industry Leader

All MATA courses have been developed with the support and expertise of many industry experts, doctors, surgeons and educational specialists.  Our qualifications are recognised by top employers and indemnity insurance bodies.

No. 3 Award Winning

MATA has won a good number of awards and nominations in recent years.  These awards are not easily achieved and we are proud to display our awards wherever we can.  It is these easily recognised symbols that give instant reassurance to prospective patients and business partners – we aim to win many more!


No.4 – A Centre For Medical Excellence

At MATA we believe there is still a great deal of value in having a physical presence in a place that has the best reputation for health, wellbeing and medical advancements.  It is not a point of snobbery, it is that we feel most patients and business partners realise that only the best can survive in this prestigious district of the capitol.  And there is much to be said for being close to one’s network and peers during these times of fast-paced progress.

No.5 – Courses That Are Right On-Course

The courses themselves are devised by top cosmetic surgeons, doctors, nurses, manufacturers, educationalists and leading industry experts.  MATA courses are all fully-comprehensive educational experiences.  Our blended learning approach using a university-standard virtual learning platform combined with real tutorage, group sessions and lots of practical experience produces the best results possible for students of all backgrounds.  It is an end-to-end style of delivering essential studies as well as a great network opportunity through the learning community post course.

No. 6 – Internationally Minded

We don’t stand still at MATA.  We are expanding our training opportunities into other countries.  And it isnot a one way deal.  We know we can learn much from other markets such as changing legislation, new technologies and consumer behaviours/trends.

MATA is now operational in Australia, Dubai, New Zealand and Singapore.

No. 7 – Courses To Be Reckoned With

The MATA courses are recognised by some of the best businesses in the UK, making the qualifications sought after by top organisations.  A student’s employment prospects are improved by holding a MATA certificate.

No. 8 – A Promise to be product-unbiased

Something that has been observed in other organisations is that there some pressure to purchase sponsored products and equipment.  We have a pledge at MATA to not sell or influence your choice in supplies for your business.


No.9 – Get Networked

Not many training course providers have realised the value of creating an educational or learning community.  There might be some advice and support once you start practicing your new skill but what next?  At MATA, we believe in more than just skills support.  We want to bring people together in a MATA Learning Community – a network which broadens the mind of us all by sharing data, insights and experiences – in a full 360 – back to MATA fashion.


No.10 – What Our Students Say About Us

We know we are at the top of the pack.  We have many more attributes to the business than just selling courses and staying ahead of the curve.