Skin Resurfacing with Ablative Lasers

Unique blended learning courses from MATA to extend your clinical knowledge and skills.

Laser and light based applications: Skin Resurfacing with Ablative Lasers

MATA are pleased to offer theory and practical laser and light based training across a range of laser and light applications including skin resurfacing with ablative lasers.

Whether you are new to light based therapies, or an experienced practitioner, our courses will develop and extend your clinical knowledge and skills to ensure you offer your patients the highest standards of treatment and care.  Each course has been specifically written to recognised academic standards and is delivered via a blend of theory and practical modules.

The clinical knowledge modules are delivered via MATAs state-of-the-art learning platform followed by clinical skills training in our clinical suites.

Each of our unique laser and light training courses includes a core curriculum covering:

Core Curriculum

  • Laser and light based technologies and devices
  • Laser and light tissue interactions
  • Structure and function of skin and skin appendages
  • Skin typing and patient assessment
  • Treatment specific indications and contraindications
  • Medical history taking and record keeping
  • Pre and post treatment procedures
  • Safe working practice
  • Management of adverse reactions and complications
  • Other treatment and combination treatment options
  • Practical hands-on skills in our clinical suite (after completion of knowledge modules)

Course specific curriculum includes:

  • Current devices and technologies for ablative skin rejuvenation
  • Skin aging – influences and prevention
  • Indications and treatment parameters for ablative skin rejuvenation
  • Practical hands-on skills in our clinical suite (after completion of core curriculum modules)

This  course offers high quality, interactive learning resources, supporting references and guided learning opportunities, course forums and news items, videos, review quizzes and assessments.

Certificates of Attendance and CPD/CME accreditation is awarded upon successful completion of both knowledge and clinical skills modules.

Who Should Attend

The MATA Courses Skin Resurfacing with Ablative Lasers courses are for health care professionals such as plastic surgeons doctors, dentists and nurses who would like to expand their list of services to their clients.

Our courses will develop and extend your clinical knowledge and skills to ensure your practice meets the standards of treatment and care expected of all laser and light based practitioners in line with the Health Education England training and qualification framework.

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