IPL – Intense Pulse Laser and Light Courses


Intense Pulse Light technology (IPL) is at the heart of many of today’s most popular aesthetic treatments.  From hair removal to skin rejuvenation, this high-performing technology is the great tool-master. But like all good tools, thorough training is required for assured safety and attaining outstanding results for the patient.

Training and qualifications in the administering of the many applications for laser and light treatments is essential to successful and ethical business practice.  And now new, stricter regulations within the aesthetics industry means anyone wishing to offer procedures using this technology must complete the required training and qualifications.


The Health Education England report has culminated in new regulations HEE guidelines.  For your own business integrity and for legal reasons, you should be looking at IPL training courses that are offered by the best in the industry.  At MATA Courses, we have helped to drive the need for better regulation and our courses have been developed ahead of government guidelines.  You know you are getting the most in-depth and critical hands-on training available which will give you five success points:

  1. Business integrity and legal compliance
  2. Consistent patient safety
  3. Patient/customer confidence
  4. Professional advantage
  5. Personal development advantage

MATA training is comprised of blended-learning including theory modules studied on our university-standard online virtual learning environment (VLE), practical training on many volunteer patients provided for maximum hands-on experience, clinical assessments, completion of a log book of treatments plus written examinations.


A career in aesthetics practices is becoming a sought after pathway for many medical professionals.  It is particularly ideal for those who are already fast-tracked by having a highly qualified healthcare background.

Many professionals are feeling somewhat disillusioned with their career in the public sector and are seeing these cosmetic treatments within small practices as the perfect business for them.  Once qualified for each of the treatments they are keen to offer, the individual is soon licensed to operate and can start seeing the financial and work-life balance benefits immediately!

Quality training and staying abreast of the latest technologies and products is the foundation for successful business with good ethics.  MATA Courses help you get that business underway with its high training standards and industry education.

If you are interested in pursuing a qualification in IPL therapies, please email [email protected] or call us on 0203 126 4870 for more information on how to apply.

Who is the Course for?

The Core of Knowledge Course at MATA and other IPL modules have been specially created for aestheticians, beauty therapists, healthcare professionals such as doctors, dentists, nurses.  Those with unspecified titles undertaking Laser and Light treatments in clinics such as laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser for vascular, laser for pigmentation treatments can also attend the MATA IPL courses.

IPL Certification and Qualifications

As part of the blended learning, you will have ongoing and final assessments from your tutors which will ascertain your ultimate success.  The Level 5 qualification as a recognised Industry Qualification is the final achievement. The certificate will follow shortly after completion of the course.

Your insurance company will insist on seeing evidence of this qualification in order to practice IPL treatments at your clinic.

Courses Offered

We offer both Level 4 and Level 5 Laser qualifications as well as the option to complete your Core of Knowledge.

The Core of Knowledge Course:

This is an essential subject for anyone offering IPL treatments as part of their own business practice or if they are employed at other practices.  It is a government and industry requirement and at MATA Courses, our education on the Core of Knowledge has been developed by key IPL educators.

The course will provide a solid foundation in the safe and effective use of laser and IPL machines, how light interacts with skin to produce specific biological effects, and hazards/risks that may occur and how to deal with them. The course also covers relevant UK standards and regulations governing their use in a professional setting


Core of Knowledge at MATA Courses in London is designed to fulfil the training requirements in the MHRA Device Bulletin DB2008 (3) and will cover the following:

  • Characteristics of Laser and IPL Radiation
  • Radiation generation
  • Eye physiology and skin exposure
  • Skin tissue interaction for Laser & IPL radiation
  • Precautions to keep exposure below maximum permitted levels
  • Reflection and absorption hazards
  • Hazards to patient
  • Laser and IPL safety management
  • Risk assessments
  • Incidental hazards
  • Relevant standards
  • Quality Assurance
  • Machinery

This Laser and IPL Core of Knowledge safety training course does not address treatment protocols or provide clinical training for laser treatments, but is a requirement before undertaking a MATA Laser and Light course to ensure you are able to carry out treatments safely.

Subjects covered within one example of the IPL course – Laser and Light Pigmentation Reduction – include:

  • Anatomy of the skin
  • Identifying different types of pigmentation from sun spots, PIH to Melasma
  • Different types of laser technologies for pigmentation
  • Laser safety and maintenance
  • Pre and post treatment care
  • How to deal with complications
  • Demonstration by trainer

Practical session on live models

Ready To Enrol?

Start the journey towards furthering your career or building your business now


Based in the heart of London’s medical district, MATA Courses is perfectly situated to deliver your IPL and aesthetic training needs.

MATA’s Cavendish Square location is easily accessible and just a short walk from Oxford Circus and Bond Street underground stations, as well as Regent’s Park and Marylebone mainline railway station.  For our international delegates, there are good transport links to all of London’s main airports.

Day time catering and refreshments are provided for all of our courses.  The area is surrounded by plenty of good bars, restaurants and theatres so you can make a day and night of your training if you wish!


Who can attend a MATA Course?

These courses can be attended by anyone working in aesthetics practices with Level 4 qualifications.  It is also suitable for fully qualified medical practitioners such as doctors, surgeons, general practitioners, dermatologists, dentists and dental nurses and nurse prescribers.

How long does the training take?

As the course is a “blended-learning” approach you can study the modules and at your own pace.  Depending upon your previous medical knowledge, we estimate the IPL section of the training to take around 30 hours.  The in-house training, hands-on practical applications and final assessments are usually carried out in one day.

Do I need to prepare for the Course?

Prior to the practical section of the IPL training you will have already completed the theory component through the MATA virtual learning environment.  The MATA IPL course will cover a lot of information and the practical application will involve high level of concentration so it’s best to ensure you are not tired on the day.  We advise that you arrive 10 minutes early and wear comfortable clothes.

Do I need to bring a model with me?

We will provide models for the practical sessions of the IPL training courses, but if you would rather bring your own please let us know in advance as we will need to send them our medical history form to fill out and ensure they are suitable for the treatment.

I prefer learning in small groups, are the class sizes large?

No, we aim to keep our tutorials and practice sessions to class sizes of less than 12 so you can get plenty of interaction and question time with the tutor.

Will I receive a certificate with this course?

Yes, on completion of the course at the end of the day you will receive a certificate of attendance to the MATA IPL course which is recognised by the main insurance bodies and allows you to obtain insurance to practise.

Will I be assessed on the day?

Yes, but first you will get a lot of coaching and support with this part of the education.  You will then have a final assessment.  Provided you pass by showing sufficient competency, your certificate will follow shortly.

What sort of support will I get after the training course?

Following completion of your MATA IPL course, we offer many options to our course delegates from online/virtual support, 1-1 sessions or a mentorship programme where a delegate can come and shadow in a working aesthetics clinic.