Botox and Dermal Filler Training in Dubai

Botox and Dermal Fillers Training in Dubai

As part of our ambition to bring gold-standard aesthetics training outside of the UK, MATA Courses are now offering our specialist courses in Dubai.  Whether you are currently residing in Dubai or wish to combine a business-with-leisure way to widen your professional toolkit, our courses for laser light therapies, chemical peels and injectables such as BOTOX® or dermal fillers will equip you with all the knowledge, practical training and qualifications you need for a successful portfolio of cosmetics procedures for your clients.

The Courses

There has been much concern for improved training standards in the world of aesthetics – across the globe.  As a UK based company, MATA Courses has been at the forefront of driving changes for legislation to make thorough training and certified assessments mandatory for any procedure which carries some risk to patients.  We are now seeing new government regulations for these treatments, but at MATA we feel it can go further than just the UK.  Dubai is now a significant hub for global business, tourism, and medical treatments.  This brings about an opportunity, and indeed, a necessity to balance the consumer demand for treatments and the appropriate training to practice ethically and safely.
Bringing our established and highly successful training courses from London’s centre of medical excellence, Harley Street, MATA is now offering the following courses in Dubai:

BOTOX® Training Courses

Our BOTOX® Training Courses is considered industry-leading due to the emphasis on learning facial anatomy, attention to safety and the provision of real-life models.  Because of this, the industry-recognised Level 7 qualification for doctors, nurses and dentists goes beyond the HEE 2016 Guidelines.  The course begins as an online resource portal with certification being awarded once a good deal of practical application is achieved.  We believe this is the most important element to training and something that is lacking in many other courses.  The trainee needs to have a fully comprehensive understanding of the BOTOX® treatments as they are practiced today, in order to be totally competent and confident.

Dermal Fillers

Facial anatomy provides the basis for this course at Foundation Level.  Delegates will build on this knowledge to gain a solid skill-set for treating all areas of the face.  Trainees will also study the importance of patient assessment and gain essential experience via demonstrations and real models.  The Foundation and Advanced levels attain a Level 7 on the industry-recognised qualification.  The Advanced Level is only for existing medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists. At MATA Courses, delegates find the dermal fillers training matches very well with the BOTOX® training to make a two-day course.

Visiting Dubai

If you are currently residing in Dubai you will be well aware of the amazing amount of things to do and see in the country and city centre.  If you are considering traveling to Dubai for your training you might want to consider how to make the best of your time there.

Dubai is one big “Aladdin’s cave” of shopping delights – from modern shopping malls to every kind of souk (market) – such as gold souks, spice souks, and textiles souks etc.  For ex-patriots and tourists, much of the evening hospitality is centred on the many hotels and celebrity chef restaurants.  For adventure and thrill-seekers, there are desert safari rides by either camel or 4×4 vehicles, skiing (yes skiing!) centres, hot air ballooning and water parks.  And the beaches and parks with the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s world famous skyscrapers will not disappoint.  For those wanting to absorb the authentic, old world Dubai and its ancient heritage, there are wonderful Mosque and souk tours.

It is important to note that as an Islamic country, the United Arabic Emirates country of Dubai, observes strict regulations and as a visitor you must respect their protocols.  For example, alcohol can only be served and consumed in licensed premises (mainly hotels and premium brand restaurants).  A dress code of being as covered as much as possible is important especially when out in public and during religious seasons such as the holy month of Ramadan when other restrictions may be in place.

Where to stay in Dubai

Although there are some affordable hotel brands such as Holiday Inn Express and Premier Inn in Dubai, you might want to consider stretching your budget a little to a hotel brand which offers a concierge service.  By doing this you can get the best “in-the-know” advice on what to do in the time you have – especially if you like to try something a little different!


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