Botox Training Courses for Pharmacists Manchester

MATAThe career of a Pharmacist is certainly a rewarding one. When people are ill and want to get better as soon as possible, living with ailments, or just looking to maintain their good health, they turn to Pharmacists to get them to medicine they need to achieve their goals.

By working with patients to find the best way to achieve their individual goal while also working within the parameters of other health concerns or dietary restrictions, Pharmacists can have a profound impact on their patients’ lives. If you are a Pharmacist, you may be able to relate to this and find it as one of the many reasons you head into work each morning.

With all the help Pharmacists are able to provide by finding just the right medicine for their patients, there is another way to help patients look and feel their best. By attending a training course to get a certificate or diploma to be able to administer Botox and Filler treatments, Pharmacists can get involved in this exciting field of medicine just as it is taking off.

Where Should Pharmacists Turn to for Training?

If you are a pharmacist looking to get involved in this exciting industry either with a certificate or a postgraduate diploma, look no further than the Medical & Aesthetic Training Academy (MATA) in Manchester. When you train at MATA, you will have the option of obtaining a Certification in Facial Aesthetics by attending three program modules comprising of 40 academic credits or getting a Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics over seven modules made up of 70 academic credits. With either path, you will end up being able to serve your patients well in this exciting field.

What Will a Pharmacist Learn?

The courses you attend at MATA will focus both on common BOTOX treatments for the upper face as well as Filler treatments more common for the lower face. As far as BOTOX is concerned, Pharmacists can expect to focus on the following treatments:

–        Forehead – to smooth out common forehead lines

–        Glabella – to prevent or erase wrinkles in the area right between the eyebrows

–        Crow’s Feet – to rid your patients of lines at the edges of their eyes


The Filler education will focus on the lower half of the face including:

–        Lips – help your patients achieve the full lip look of their dreams

–        Nasolabial Folds – give your patients back years in their face by getting rid of the lines at the edges of the nose

–        Marionette Lines – get rid of those pesky lines around the edges of your patients mouth with a common Filler treatment


Why Make the Change?

While many Pharmacists love their positions, they may be wondering why they should make a change. If nothing else, getting experience in this rapidly growing medical field will only add to their existing service line. For those who may be looking for a change, Pharmacists can easily pivot their careers to this exciting industry and hit the ground running right away.

To learn more about BOTOX and Filler training in Manchester, get in touch with MATA today!