MATA’s Response to News of IQ Going into Administration

As IQ (Industry Qualifications) Awarding Organisation officially went into administration (click here) and surrendered Ofqual recognition (click here), selling their assets to SFJ Awards. Many aesthetic training providers approved by IQ have found themselves in great deal of uncertainty. As SFJ took over IQ, they decided to withdraw  their Level 7 Certificate in Injectables (click here). This leaves the affected learners to complete their L7 qualification by 2022. Furthermore, according to the IQ website, no new delegates will be recruited to the qualification. 

 Ofqual have allowed students currently completing this certificate until 2022 to achieve, however, the qualification may no longer be in existence after this date, leaving many medical professionals with a great deal of uncertainty. 

MATA Unaffected by Changes 

We would like to reassure all of our previous, current, and future learners that this change does not affect MATA’s Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics (incorporating the OTHM Level 7 Certificate/Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies) as we work with a different awarding organisation. Our Postgraduate Diploma is awarded by the OTHM awarding organisation which has no association with IQ or SFJ and therefore MATA’s injectable qualification continues to be a valid Diploma, and Ofqual regulated. OTHM are in a safe position with no changes forecast for the future, leaving MATA’s Level 7 Diploma  soundly secure.

How MATA are Helping those Affected

As many aesthetic training providers are affected by this change, there will be numerous learners left disappointed to find  the qualification they are studying will have an uncertain future. MATA have therefore decided to aid those who will be in the midst of their studies by providing an RPL route (recognition of prior learning) so that they can continue their journey in facial aesthetics without having to redo any training already completed, and transfer their qualification to MATA’s level 7 Certificate  worth 35 credits or progress to the MATA’s Level 7 Diploma, worth 60 credits 

Are you Affected by this Change? 

If you are affected by this change, either by already having completed a Level 7 Certificate in Injectables regulated by IQ, or are currently studying with one of the affected training providers, then get in touch with a representative at MATA today and find out how we can help you to transfer your qualification 

Training Providers Affected 

If you are one of the training providers affected by this change, we are offering a potential opportunity for a partnership, and the possibility of transferring your current IQ Level 7 Certificate to MATA’s newer Level 7 injectable Certificate. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information about collaborating with MATA. 

Call us on 020 3976 6979 

Email us at 

How Injectable Treatments Have Revolutionised the Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry has faced a lot of scrutiny and stigma, and even just as recent as the 90s it was regarded as something only for the rich and famous, and didn’t come without judgement. As something which was once denied and kept on the down-low, it has now become the norm to show off treatments on social media, with over 720k posts on Instagram with the hashtag #lipfiller.

This change in general views of cosmetic procedures has progressed as the introduction of “tweakments” has taken over the industry. This refers to the more subtle changes and enhancements that are sought after by not just celebrities and influencers, but also the general population. These subtle changes are usually achieved through injectable treatments – botox and dermal filler – and as the cost of this is significantly lower than a surgical procedure such as a facelift, they are much more accessible to the masses and quickly became mainstream treatments. This has helped to destigmatize cosmetic procedures, also contributing to the growth in the industry. Since the early 2000s injectable treatments have been on a rising trajectory, and soon enough it became the most popular treatments, accounting for 9 out of 10 cosmetic procedures. 

Celebrity Influences 

This new trend has also been fuelled by the likes of the Kardashians and reality TV stars who have influenced younger generations to dabble in injectables. A notable trend which gained heavy coverage in the tabloids and was a focal point on social media was Kylie Jenner’s lip transformation. This led to a very young audience being exposed to the idea of enhancing their looks through dermal fillers as Kylie is only young herself and got her lips filled at the age of 18. 

The exposure online to all sorts of treatments available has lead to the normalisation of cosmetic procedures which has had a massive impact in the industry. It’s now possible that younger generations are seeing their parents and friends getting these treatments and it has become the norm. In a questionnaire aimed at Gen Z, it was revealed that 59% of them viewed injectable cosmetic procedures the same way they think of getting a manicure or a haircut – just another routine beauty treatment.

A New Audience 

There is now a whole new target audience for injectable treatments for both women and men in their 20s as it is used as a preventative treatment as well as enhancing their existing features, whether they want more volume in their lips and cheeks, or a more defined jawline, injectables are very versatile and can be used almost anywhere on the face. 

The other way in which injectable treatments have changed the cosmetic industry is that it is now easier to make a decision to try it out. Botox and dermal filler, unlike surgical treatments, are not permanent, therefore, there is less fear about trying it as within a few months the results are less obvious if not completely gone. If they do like the result and want to continue then they can have a top up and continue with treatments in the future. 

A Decrease in Surgical Treatments

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries has always been the nose job – this is because it is the centre of the face and the main feature. It also comes in many different shapes and sizes, however, everyone wants to have the same perfect straight, sloped nose. However, the number of people opting for rhinoplasty surgery has been dropping off since 2015, with 4205 people going under the knife for a nose job in 2015, to just 2831 people in 2018. These figures are not going down because no one wants the perfect nose anymore, but rather there is a new, simpler, and cheaper way to achieve great results in reshaping the nose. Yep that’s right – it’s the use of dermal fillers to make small adjustments to the nose and can reduce the appearance of bumps, heighten the tip, and even straighten the nose. It has been coined as “the liquid nose job” and takes only 20 minutes to perform, costs a fraction of the price and has a lot less downtime. A rhinoplasty can cost upwards of £4,000 and will require a night stay in hospital as well as a week of bruising and wearing a cast. This option isn’t always feasible so the liquid nose job has given many people the opportunity for a quick fix. 

Injectable treatments are one of the most versatile in the industry and the perfect solution for a small tweak here or there, it’s no wonder that they are as popular as they are. The age range of people opting to go for cosmetic treatments is becoming lower and lower as social media and selfies have created a hyperawareness of our flaws and a need for perfection as we follow airbrushed celebrities online. But rather than the need for major surgeries which require a lot of downtime, these injectable treatments have opened up new avenues and given more people the option to relive themselves of insecurities through a quick injection rather than going under the knife. 

10 Reasons to Study a Level 7 Diploma with MATA as a Dentists

Dentists are the technical professionals of the healthcare field, knowledgeable of orofacial structures with a dexterous hand. Many seek to learn new skills alongside dentistry – At MATA, we believe in teaching dental professionals injectable skills with our exclusive Level 7 Diploma in Facial Aesthetics: Incorporating OTHM Level 7 Certificate/Diploma in Clinical Injectable Therapies. Here are our top 10 reasons for dental professionals to come and train with MATA.

  1. Enhance your Technical Dexterity: Already precise with tools in the dental office, aesthetics is a great fit for you, MATA offers core practical training to give you the necessary experience with real-life models.
  2. Expand into Aesthetics: As you are probably already aware dental professionals are providing aesthetic treatments like teeth whitening, straightening and harnessing other ways to enhance that smile. Your dental office is a perfect fit for offering aesthetics, with tools already available for your technical abilities.
  3. Profit from More Income: Aesthetics is highly profitable with many 22-35 year olds seeking aesthetic treatments. As a dentist, you could work additional hours while creating further financial abundance.
  4. Train with Experts: At MATA, we are a sophisticated team of medical professionals from a multitude of backgrounds. Essentially this is why we feel the utmost confidence in offering you the best training practice to ensure you become highly proficient and competent with aesthetics.
  5. Choose your Working Hours: In some cases, many dentists may feel overworked and bored with the standard 9-5 working hours. With an aesthetics accreditation, you can be sure to create a convenient and more comfortable working schedule, in all the aid to create a perfect work-life balance.
  6. Get an Accredited Qualification: Why waste precious time and money on a qualification or course that is effectively useless? Our Level 7 Diploma is unlike any of those – we are backed by the right people. Specifically, our courses are tailored to follow JCCP (The Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners) and CSPA (Cosmetic Standards Practice Authority). Meaning you are fully accredited under our Level 7 Diploma.
  7. Grow with MATA: From beginning to the end, we are backing you, giving you the support, training and necessary skills you need with going into a competitive market.
  8. Start an Aesthetics Business: On reflection of moving into a competitive market, we have the know-how to provide you with the necessary skills, confidence and knowledge to begin your own profitable enterprise.
  9. Get to Know the Right People: At MATA, we are fortunate enough to be at the centre of London, aesthetics central. From the beginning of MATA in 2015, we have worked to create meaningful relationships with aesthetic doctors, companies and other professionals. Essentially, we feel confident in helping you make the first steps of building meaningful relationships within cosmetics.
  10. Experience is Everything: Our Level 7 Diploma has been created from a vocational perspective to help you, the dental professional gain enough experience practising Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers.

We hope in the near future you will add to our already trained and experienced dental professionals before reaping the benefits of aesthetics.

Vote for MATA!

MATA is celebrating being shortlisted for the Best Independent Training Provider within the Aesthetic Awards 2019.

The award will be presented to the independent training provider whose training programme is considered to have advanced the education of medical aesthetic professionals most effectively during the last 12 months. 

MATA has previously been shortlisted and highly commended in the previous two years and has a great opportunity to win this year thanks to the public vote. To help MATA win, please vote HERE by 31st October 2019.

“MATA grew a lot in the last two years by launching the Postgraduate Diploma courses and being accredited by the OTHM Awarding Organisation. Winning this year it will be the recognising of great work from our team and tutors and great support from our delegates” said Faz Zavahir, founding director at MATA.

Winning an Aesthetic Award is the most impressive industry recognition a company can achieve and is unique in raising awareness towards the high clinical education standards and professionals in the aesthetic industry.

The winners will be announced at a celebratory dinner on 7 December, London.

Botox Courses Nottingham

Botox Training Nottingham

Injectable treatments have ballooned in popularity over the past decade, whether you’re based in Nottingham or the rest of the UK.

Non-invasive facial procedures, in particular, like Botox and dermal fillers have become a popular choice in recent decades, in part because of the speed of administering them and their quick results.

Botox and dermal fillers account for nine out of 10 of all cosmetic procedures performed in the UK, in an industry which is set to be worth £900 million in the UK by 2019. This is cosmetic surgery at its most convenient.

Now is a fruitful time to join the ranks of the cosmetic industry. As practices across the UK continue to grow, the need for highly skilled practitioners is on the rise.

Healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists and pharmacists are prime candidates for this exciting and lucrative industry – and MATA’s in-depth training courses can help you.

MATA’s Harley Street Botox training is now available in Nottingham. It’s a course that’s won several awards since being established, and its founders continue to explore the pioneers of facial aesthetics to ensure its students receive the finest education.

MATA offer Botox training at varying levels from a foundation course to our Postgraduate Diploma qualification, and provides extensive, intricate, fun and informative educational tools that value flexibility and hands-on experience.

Sign up and you’ll have over 600 hours of online tools at your disposal, with videos, webinars, quizzes, lectures and discussion boards available 24 hours a day via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

What’s more, the provision of real-life models, face-to-face seminars and training days will allow you to put theory into practice and leave our training modules feeling confident and well-informed.

MATA training goes further than just meeting basic regulations – our industry-recognised Botox training meets and exceeds requirements set out in the HEE 2016 Guidelines.

Why Train with MATA?

MATA has been an advocate for tighter regulations in the facial aesthetics industry and, as the Keogh Report has shown, regulatory standards are catching up with the demands of the market.

With MATA, the focus of your education isn’t on practice for its own sake. It’s about creating a high-quality environment that will meet safety standards for the future, satisfying the needs of you and your clients.

Our qualifications, including our Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics ( Botox and dermal filler qualification), are quality assured and recognised by regulatory bodies. Upon completion of a MATA training course or qualification, a certificate which is recognised by all of the main insurance bodies is received. MATA provide our Nottingham delegates with everything they need to get on their feet in the aesthetics world including advice on setting up a private clinic.

The professionals training you are well-known and well-regarded in the industry, and have extensive experience running clinics of their own. You’ll have the chance to meet them on special training days, where they’ll answer your questions, attend seminars and watch practical demonstrations on live models.

This is the chance to see a Botox treatment up close – and it’s an experience offered by few of our competitors.

Who are MATA’s Courses and Qualifications for?

MATA was founded with a goal to improve the existing standards in the aesthetics industry. Because of this we only offer our Botox and Dermal Fillers courses and Level 7 Botox and dermal filler training to fully-qualified medical and healthcare professionals.

Typically healthcare professionals that are able to enrol are degree-holding:

If you believe you may be suitable but do not see your profession listed please feel free to enquire via our contact form.

Beauty therapists and other unqualified professionals are unable to attend MATA’s injectable training courses.

Modules Covered

MATA offers two different levels of Botox courses in Nottingham – foundation and advanced.

Our foundation and advanced training can both be built towards our Postgraduate Diploma qualification in Botox and dermal fillers.

Levels can be studied individually and counted as credits towards the full Postgraduate qualification. Delegates will typically study our Botox courses alongside dermal filler training on one of our Foundation Botox and Dermal Fillers Training Weekends.

On the foundation training weekend, subject matter covered for each treatment is as follows:


Facial Anatomy

Optional practice on cadavers (dissection and injection)

Medical history, note taking and patient consent forms

The different types and brands of Botulinum Toxin available on the market

Patient assessment

How to achieve a natural result with Botox

Pre-treatment and post-treatment care

Possible complications and how to avoid/deal with them

Tutor demonstrations

Practical training on volunteer patients

Treatment areas covered:

Frown lines

Forehead lines

Crow’s feet

Brow lifting


Dermal Fillers

Facial Anatomy

Optional practice on cadavers (dissection and injection)

Medical history, note taking and patient consent forms

The different types and brands of dermal filler available on the market

Patient assessment

Should Botox or dermal fillers be used to treat the area?

How to achieve a natural result with Dermal Fillers

Pre-treatment and post-treatment care

Possible complications and how to avoid/deal with them

Tutor demonstrations

Practical training on volunteer patients

Treatment areas covered:

Nose to mouth lines

Marionette lines
Lip Augmentation


To wrap up the foundation weekend delegates are given an overview of the possible next steps and a brief introduction to MATA’s advanced level Botox and dermal Fillers training.

Our advanced Botox and dermal fillers training day teaches learners how to perform the following treatments:


Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating)

Definition of the chin/jaw (bruxism)

How to correct a downward turned smile

Brow lift

Reduce a gummy smile

Smoker’s lines around the mouth

Nefertiti lift


Dermal Fillers

Cheekbone enhancement

Chin definition

Jawline definition

How to reduce smoker’s lines

Combined fillers



The foundation and advanced levels count towards our UK Level 7 Botox Qualification, An industry recognised qualification.

Nottingham points of interest

If you’re attending Nottingham for a MATA course, you may also want to take in the sights and sounds of the city – and it’s a location that doesn’t disappoint.

Well-known for its association with the stories of Robin Hood, this central-Midlands city is home to astounding architecture, delicious restaurants, fascinating cultural artefacts and a huge number of shopping outlets.

Our day-courses will give you plenty of time in the evening to explore Nottingham’s tourist sights – so book a weekend if you want to really appreciate the city.

For more information, get in touch on 020 3126 4870 or

MATA awarded Highly Commended at Aesthetics Awards 2017

MATA awarded Highly Commended at Aesthetics Awards 2017

MATA are honoured to have been awarded a Highly Commended recognition in the ‘Best Training Provider’ category at this year’s Aesthetics Awards. The category was extremely competitive this year and we are especially proud to have achieved this recognition in 2017.

2017 has seen a large amount of growth for MATA, we have taken on new team members, new trainers, increased course dates and expanded our offering of courses and qualifications. Including introducing our joint initiative with DHAT – the Level 7 qualification in Applied Clinical Facial Anatomy for Cosmetic Interventions.

This qualification also achieved Commended status for this year’s ‘Professional Initiative of the Year’ at the Aesthetics Awards, meaning MATA achieved recognition in all categories we were shortlisted for.

We would also like to extend a huge congratulations to our Head of Academia and MATA trainer Elizabeth Raymond Brown who was the well-deserved winner of The Schuco Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medical Aesthetics.
With MATA winning ‘Training Academy of the Year’ at the London Hair and Beauty Awards and ‘Best Aesthetic Training & Education Awardat the Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards earlier this year, MATA are excited to embark into 2018 with our accolades continuing our mission of providing outstanding training in the medical aesthetics industry.

Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training and MATA to provide Level 7 qualification in facial anatomy

The award-winning anatomy and complications courses by Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training is set to be offered as a Level 7 qualification.

Working in collaboration with the Medical and Aesthetic Training Academy (MATA), Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training will offer Level 7 awards in Anatomy and Complications, with the option of getting a Level 7 qualification if both awards are taken.

Mr Dalvi Humzah, consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon and lead tutor said, “This is an exciting development – following on from the multiple award wins – we are delighted that these two courses will soon be awarded at Level 7 and become a qualification. I have had an amazing amount of support from assistant tutor Anna Baker, who has worked tirelessly with the development of these courses and this hard work and effort has now been completely justified.”

Delegates who have previously attended the courses will also have the opportunity to convert their previous training into a qualification.

MATA Level 5 Qualification in Laser Tattoo Removal Training Success

MATA Level 5 Qualification in Laser Tattoo Removal Training Success!

Last week saw MATA hold its Level 5 (foundation degree level) qualification in Laser Tattoo Removal in Harley Street, London with delegates from across the UK in attendance.  Having already completed a major part of the theory component online in the MATA virtual learning environment prior to attending, delegates refreshed their knowledge during a presentation and undertook quizzes at the Royal Society of Medicine before carrying out practical training on live models provided in our Harley Street training rooms.

Chris Perchard, tattooist from Kingston, Surrey says ‘we wanted to be well-versed in the best practices of laser tattoo removal and the good thing about MATA is that we have already done a lot of theory work as well as a great practical so we feel confident using the lasers.  I would recommend MATA to anyone training in this field, they really are the gold standard- we have been trained to a very high level.’

Next training dates for Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal will be in May 2017 and are open to allied health care professionals, those with Beauty NVQ 3 or similar and tattooists.  Our access course is soon to be launched to enable those of other career backgrounds to undertake this qualification.

Check out the below link for more information or email us on

MATA Launch New Level 5 and Level 7 Qualifications

MATA are thrilled to announce we are launching a brand new suite of Level 5 Laser and Light Based Therapy qualifications and Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in the Principles and Practice of Clinical Injectable Therapies (Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers) this month!

Based on the recommendations in the HEE report, our exciting new aesthetics qualifications are awarded by EduQual and also endorsed by an Ofqual-recognised awarding organisation.  MATA training is comprised of blended-learning including theory modules studied on our university-standard online virtual learning environment (VLE), practical training on many volunteer patients provided for maximum hands-on experience, clinical assessments, completion of a log book of treatments plus written examinations.  The suit of MATA qualifications cover Botulinum and Toxin, Dermal Fillers at level 7, Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Reduction, Laser Pigmentation Reduction, Laser Vascular Reduction  and more at level 5.

As the aesthetics and cosmetic surgery industry continues to boom, over recent years there has been concern that there is not enough regulation in this field, particularly when it comes to injectable treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers due to the complications that can arise.

A need for improved education and training in this sector as highlighted by the Keogh report is the reason that MATA founder, Mr. Faz Zavahir launched the aesthetics training academy, particularly as he found that he had to travel worldwide to get the ‘hands-on’ training required when he was learning these skills.

Mr. Zavahir says “I’m very pleased we are able to offer an entire suite of qualifications and courses from which learners can choose to meet their own training needs – all within one academy. Ensuring our qualifications reflect the latest HEE guidelines was vital, but we also want to ensure our qualifications and courses are open to those wanting to learn and train to a high standard. Our Level 5 and Level 7 qualifications are demanding, expecting high standards in clinical knowledge and skills, but they are also immensely rewarding in both personal and professional development. Only by developing qualifications and courses that offer competence based training will this sector see an improvement in standards of care and patient safety.”

If you are interested in pursuing a qualification in either laser or injectable therapies, please email or call us on 0203 126 4870 for more information on how to apply.


MATA Wins Highly Commended Award for Best Training Academy at Safety in Beauty Awards!

The MATA team were thrilled to receive the Highly Commended award in the Training/Educational Development category at the Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards 2016!
The London White Party hosted by The Safety in Beauty Campaign was held last Saturday at the stunning Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden, and hosted by the campaign’s founder, Antonia Mariconda.  With Brazilian Samba dancers, a photo booth and champagne on arrival, the event was a great night that paid tribute to those in the industry who have shown they value patient safety above all else.  MATA was launched to improve standards of training in the aesthetics industry, with safety being our priority, so this recognition is fantastic!

See you at the awards next year!