Botox Training Courses for Dentists in Manchester

Dentists practicing today sometimes have difficulty finding new and innovative ways to serve their clients. While many people only visit the dentist for routine cleanings and when they have issues, Dentists have the opportunity to offer their clients much more that may enhance their lives. By getting involved in the BOTOX and Filler industry, Dentists can add a valuable service to their offerings that can help to enhance both their patients’ lives as well as their dental practice. Dentists in Manchester who are interested in learning about adding BOTOX and Filler services should look no further than the Medical & Aesthetic Training Academy (MATA) in Manchester.

Why Choose MATA for BOTOX and Filler Training Courses in Manchester?

By learning about BOTOX and Fillers with MATA, Dentists can choose between a certification in Facial Aesthetics or a Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics. The Certification in Facial Aesthetics is a three-module programme that is made up of 40 academic credits. In this program, Dentists will learn the basics of BOTOX and Filler Treatment. If you would like to have a more in-depth education in this exciting and rapidly growing field of medicine, the Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics will help you get there. With seven modules and 70 academic credits, this course will give you more in-depth knowledge that you can then pass on to your patients.

What Can Dentists Expect to Learn?

While attending a BOTOX and Filler training course with MATA, Dentists can expect to have their education about treatments divided between the upper and lower parts of the face. While BOTOX is more commonly used on the top of the face, Filler treatment is more common on the lower parts of the face.

BOTOX is more common for the following treatments:

–        Forehead – with age, forehead wrinkles can become more permanent adding years to your look. With BOTOX, these lines can be smoothed for a more youthful look

–        Glabella – the skin right between your eyebrows is called the Glabella. Over time, this part of the face can get a bit scrunched up. BOTOX can help to make these lines fade away

–        Crow’s Feet – one of the most common treatments, BOTOX can help to get rid of the lines on the side of the patient’s eyes that show up with age

Filler treatments are more common for the following facial areas:

–        Lips – using Fillers in your patient’s lips can allow your patients to look and feel as good as they did years ago

–        Nasolabial Folds – the area to the sides of the bottom of the nose can develop folds over time that many people have had success getting rid of with Filler application

–        Marionette Lines – these lines that show up on the side of our mouths can be a telling sign of our age. With Fillers, these can be improved drastically.

If you are a Dentist who is interested in being able to give your patients the above-mentioned treatments as well as many others, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the people at the Medical & Aesthetic Training Academy today!>