Botox Training Courses for Dentists


Post Graduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics

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Develop a New Career in Aesthetics.

If you’re a dentist, you want your practice to offer as broad a range of services as possible – and that means expanding beyond the world of molars and teeth whitening.

A lucrative addition to your cosmetic treatments is Botox (or one of its many derivatives), which gives you the opportunity to use your extensive qualifications in a different part of the body.

For many of your patients, processes like teeth straightening, whitening and other aesthetic practices go hand in hand with Botox treatments. And many will appreciate the convenience of receiving these treatments under one roof.

We can provide you with a Level 7 qualification in Botulinum Toxins and Dermal Fillers. Upon completion of this course, you’ll meet the latest recommendations without having to study for a postgraduate degree.

This is a course specially designed with dentists in mind, allowing you to use your skill sets as a dental professional to expand into an entirely new industry.

One in four dental practices now offer Botox and dermal filler treatments – don’t get left behind.

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Five of the most frequently asked questions about Botox courses for dentists

How will completing a Botox course increase my earning potential?

Being able to advertise Botox injections on your practice’s website is an added boon for any dentist and, depending on how much you charge, can add a great deal of income into your business.

From the perspective of your bottom line, adding Botox to your roster of talents could increase your monthly earnings by thousands of pounds. If you’re a high-end practice focusing on cosmetic procedures, training in Botox is prudent for you financially and useful for your customers.

Are there more benefits to a dentist moving into Botox injections?

More so than doctors, nurses or other medical practitioners moving into the aesthetics industry, dentists require very few additional setup fees beyond the purchasing of Botox itself. This is because the dental practice is ideally suited to aesthetic work.

With a low initial outlay, you’ll receive high profits from expanding into Botox injections.

Can I benefit from this course if I’m already adept at Botox injections?

In short, yes. As well as a foundational course designed for newcomers in the industry, we offer advanced courses for anyone who wants to learn more procedures or deepen their skills under the tutelage of our experienced professionals.

Can Botox training improve my work as a dentist?

A greater knowledge of facial aesthetics can improve your skills in cosmetic dentistry and give you a broader appreciation of your work.

Why should I choose you for my courses in Botox?

We’re a team of bona fide, highly experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons fully accredited by the GMC. The experience of training from us isn’t only based in theory – you’ll be able to practice on live models, all under advisement from our expert team.

A large number of our advisors also have experience of setting up their own practice, giving you the chance to receive business and cosmetic advice.

This is a course that will leave you fully qualified in the administering of Botox and its derivatives.

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