Botox Training Courses for Paramedics in Manchester

The life of a Paramedic is certainly a stressful yet rewarding one. Due to the nature of the job, Paramedics tend to only see their patients in the time between their accident or unfortunate event and the time they arrive at the hospital to be treated by a nurse or doctor. This can be tough as they are typically not able to see their patients make it out of the unfortunate situations they met them in. When you add this in with long hours and demanding schedules, it is no wonder why some Paramedics feel a bit burnt out after a few years in the profession.

For the Paramedic looking to make a change, there is an exciting career path that they are unique qualified for that they may have not really considered ever before. The trend of BOTOX and Fillers is not going away any time soon and the industry needs more qualified professionals to serve the patients looking for treatment. While the skills acquired by a Paramedic are great, they are obviously not specialised enough to jump right into BOTOX and Filler treatment. However, by obtaining some further industry specific education, they can jump right in.

Where Can Paramedics Get BOTOX and Filler Training in Manchester?

If you are a Paramedic looking to get involved in this exciting and rapidly expanding industry, look no further than the Medical & Aesthetic Training Academy (MATA). With years of teaching experience, MATA is the place to be to get your Certification in Facial Aesthetics or your Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics. With the certificate, you can expect to take 40 academic credits made up of three course modules. If you want to get deeper in the education and choose the Postgraduate Diploma, you will earn 70 academic credits over seven modules.

What Will You Learn?

In either programme you choose, you can expect to learn about the some of the most common applications of both BOTOX and Filler treatments. BOTOX which is used for the upper face is typically used to treat the following areas:

–        Crow’s Feet – these are the lines that form around the eyes with age

–        Forehead – with the years come the permanent forehead lines, but you will be there to help!

–        Glabella – the area between the eyebrows is susceptible to its own wrinkles with age


For the lower face, Filler treatments are more commonly used to treat the following areas:

–        Lips – help your patients achieve fuller lips with Fillers

–        Nasolabial Folds – smooth out the area between the edge of the nose and mouth

–        Marionette Lines – specifically target the lines at the edges of the mouth that can come with age


Why Should You Make the Change? 

Paramedics are in a unique position to jump right into this industry and hit the ground running. With previous knowledge around patient treatments and the experience that comes with helping people in emergencies, you could help your patients make a positive change in their lives while making a positive career switch for yourself!


To learn about BOTOX and Filler training in Manchester, get in touch with MATA today!