Botox Courses for Doctors

With their extensive medical training and ability to communicate with patients, doctors and general practitioners are uniquely positioned to benefit from aesthetics training and can use the skills they learn as a side line to their main career.

A course in Botox combined with your professional experience will put you in high demand with aesthetic clinics, and prescribing rights will give you the opportunity to practice entirely independently without compromising your core job.

With our Level 7 qualification, you’ll be able to practice aesthetics in line with the latest General Medical Council (GMC) guidelines without the need for a university master’s degree in aesthetics.

If you’re a doctor interested in practicing at the vanguard of aesthetics, then get in touch today.

Our five most asked questions about Botox courses for doctors

How will a Botox course improve my earning potential?  

Aesthetics procedures are a lucrative ‘side gig’ to your usual medical duties and can usually be taken on in a more freelance capacity compared to a career in the NHS.

One day a week could net you an additional £2500 a month, provided you can develop reliable contacts within the industry and are highly qualified.

This extra income can help you reduce your working hours, providing you with an improved work/life balance.

Will I have more autonomy in my prescription of Botox filler?

Many doctors voice their frustrations of working within the NHS because of the lack of professional freedom given to them. An inability to change working practices can lead to disillusionment, which is why the increased autonomy provided by aesthetics practice can provide a boost to your day job.

With cosmetics, you’ll have improved freedom in how often you work and the way you run your practice.

How long will I be able to spend with my patients?

The restrictions of working in general practice or hospital mean that one-on-one time with your patients can be limited. Aesthetics practice allows you to build a rapport with your patients during an initial consultation, Botox appointments, and any follow-up visits.

Why should I choose you for my courses in Botox?

We’re a team of bona fide, highly experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons fully accredited by the GMC. The experience of training from us isn’t only based in theory – you’ll be able to practice on live models, all under advisement from our expert team.

A large number of our advisors also have experience in setting up their own practice, giving you the chance to receive business and cosmetic advice.

This is a course that will leave you fully qualified in the administering of Botox and its derivatives.

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