Dermal Filler and Lip Filler Models (Volunteer Patients Wanted!)

Dermal Filler and Lip Filler Models Required

At MATA we offer dermal fillers to volunteer patients (models) at highly discounted prices which are carried out by medical professionals under the guidance of experienced medical trainers.  You can be rest assured that you will receive a safe and effective treatment, it is just that the treatment time will be longer than a usual clinic treatment and there may be several medical professionals in the room observing.

A dermal filler treatment involves carrying out injections of a hyaluronic acid based product into the skin to plump up and fill any lines that have developed such as nose to mouth (nasolabial lines) or mouth to chin (marionette lines), or areas of the face which have sunk such as the cheeks due to the natural ageing process.  At MATA, the only fillers that we use are hyaluronic acid based as it is a substance naturally occurring in our bodies and the products that we most commonly use are from the FDA approved Juvederm range (which is one of the best on the market globally) such as Ultra 3, Voluma, Volift, Volite and Volbella.

Fillers are also popularly used to add extra volume to the lip area for a more youthful look.  The lip injections can be administered to the body of the lips to give them a plumper look, or to the border to enhance the shape.

When carried out in a safe and effective way, dermal fillers can smooth and contour your skin to enhance your features and make you look younger and depending on the product, facial area injected and your own body, they can last anywhere from 6 to 9 months.