Botox and Dermal Fillers Courses Hull

Botox and Dermal Fillers Courses Hull

Hull is the port city in East Riding of Yorkshire in England and is a natural focus for many large retailers, not to mention the growing number of aesthetic clinics. MATA is a leading aesthetic company who since 2015, have been creating new courses for delegates who wish to pursue a wealthy career within the cosmetics industry. All our courses are tailored to the learner and are taught by a blended approach by adopting sufficient practical sessions and core theory. Typically, most of our courses are easily accessible with the virtual learning environment (VLE) where delegates can keep up to date with recent courses. Across the UK, we host practical sessions in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, London, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, and even London. We schedule our practical days to fit nicely around your work commitments, giving you peace of mind when you train with MATA.



Our Botox and Dermal Fillers courses are hugely popular with medical professionals who hold a credible Level 6 (undergraduate) qualification in medicine, dentistry or nursing. However, you must ensure that you have proof of practice by maintaining a valid GMC/NMC/GDC/GPhC active license in the UK.


How are delegates assessed on your courses?

We use a blended approach to assess our delegates which constitutes of both practical and online learning. We use a sophisticated online VLE system, letting delegates keep informed with their courses, where they can complete short answer questions (SAQs) and end-of-unit review questions. Fantastic for you, since I’d guess you’re based in Hull, where you will not need to regularly travel to one of our clinics to complete the core theory modules. On the practical days, we give you enough time in advance to prepare and be on time at the clinics. Unlike other academies, we use real-life models and can even accommodate your own models – if required. Practicality and competence are assessed using direct observation practices (DOPs) where you gain sufficient experience working with models. Next we, ask you to keep a logbook to record both observational and demonstrated practices. The logbook is used as enough evidence of competence for the practice of aesthetic injectables, which can be used for certification for our MATA Level 7 Diploma in Facial Aesthetics: Incorporating OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Injectable Therapies 


Any Questions?

  1. Why should I train with MATA and not another Hull academy?

MATA has experience all across the UK and is more than capable of supporting English delegates with regards to aesthetics. Additionally, we are incredibly proud of our partnership with OTHM; the UK based Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations). Essentially this means all of our courses obey standard Health Education England (HEE), The Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) and obey conventional Cosmetic Standards Practice Authority (CSPA) guidelines.


  1. How can I book for the practical days?

You can either browse next available places on our website, drop us an email ([email protected]) or give a MATA representative a call on 020 3126 4870.


  1. I have some questions about the courses before I book can I speak with a MATA representative?

Many delegates before they book our courses online have several questions. Feel free to give us a call on 020 3126 4870 and hopefully we can help.


  1. What is the difference between the courses and the masterclasses?

The courses like our MATA Level 7 Diploma in Facial Aesthetics: Incorporating OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Injectable Therapies is an accredited qualification. However, the masterclasses are usually one-day practical sessions exploring concepts with further depth. For example, we host Nose Augmentation practical classes where we discuss the difference between surgical and non-surgical methodologies. Additionally, we introduce you to case studies and explore complications further.


  1. How do I grow my own aesthetics business in Hull?

On our courses, we teach the core principles surrounding marketing and aesthetics to give you a greater understanding surrounding the psychology of starting an aesthetics business. Our lead director Dr Faizeen Zavahir (MB.ChB, MRCS, MSC) began MATA in 2015 and since has created a substantial number of contacts within the aesthetics industry. He unlike anyone else understands how to start a new business and has aimed to ensure our courses contain the right information for you, especially in the early stages. One of the reasons why our Level 7 Diploma is fantastic is that it covers all these fundamentals along with superior practical training. Not to mention that you will stand out within a relatively tough aesthetics market.


  1. I want to bring my own models to the practical sessions, is that possible?

Yes, we would be able to accommodate your needs as long as you give us enough time in advance.


  1. What happens if I fail an assignment?

At MATA, we do our best to prepare you for upcoming assignments, but if you were to fail, then we may be able to process an appeal.


  1. Do I get reimbursed for travelling to the practical days?

Unfortunately, not but bear in mind that much of the content is completed online. You will only need to travel for practical weekends and practical examinations. All these sessions tend to be reasonably spaced out through-out the year.


  1. I am struggling with the core content on the VLE, can you help me?

If you have specific questions about the content, we may be able to help. It’s always advisable to complete as much as you can before attending practical days.


  1. I can’t make a scheduled practical session, what happens next?

If you give us enough time in advance, then we will be able to book you on the next available course, suitable for your schedule.