MATA Models Share Their Views on Aesthetics

After a year of shuttered clinics, at MATA we thought it would be wise to take a pulse check on clients. We reached out to our models with a range of questions regarding aesthetic treatments and were delighted to receive over 450 responses. We’ve detailed our findings below.

Q1 – What treatments have you missed the most in lockdown?

Over 85% of respondents chose cosmetic botox and dermal filler as the treatments they had missed the most during lockdown, which is perhaps unsurprising as treatments schedules for aesthetic injectables will have been completely knocked out of sync by clinic shutdown. With the prospect of future lockdowns and subsequent clinic closures uncertain, perhaps there is an opportunity for aesthetic practitioners to advocate for the use of pharmaceutical grade skincare products between treatments.

Q2 – How often do you visit an aesthetic clinic?

With the majority of clients visiting aesthetic clinics every six months to annually, skin concerns could be missed. Why not make a treatment plan with your clients to ensure that their aesthetic aims will be met, and that any skin concerns can be promptly addressed and proactively treated?

Q3 – What attracts you to visit a specific clinic?

Given the current climate, it might be expected that prices would be the biggest attraction for our clients, however clinic reviews were ranked as the number one reason to visit a clinic by our models. Could boosting your reviews online enhance your client base and give you an edge over your competitors?

Q5 – What treatments do you regularly have?

As you can see, aesthetic injectables were by far the most popular treatments, with over 300 models receiving these on a regular basis. These findings reflect the demand for Botox® and dermal fillers that has been felt across the global aesthetic industry, and show that there will likely be no lack of clients for new aesthetic practitioners.