What are the benefits for studying with an IQ Recognised Training Centre such as MATA?

As an Industry Qualifications (IQ) ‘Recognised Training Centre’ MATA is set apart from other training academies as it means we have met all of the standards required by IQ such as quality assurance, learner support, fair testing etc.) and offer customised qualifications especially created for the non-surgical cosmetic industry.

IQ has been approved by the government to provide assessment, certification and qualifications. Qualifications such as ‘A’ levels, GCSEs, BTECs NVQs etc. can only be issued by recognised awarding bodies. MATA offers accredited qualifications in laser and light therapies, laser tattoo removal and injectable therapies. This means our qualifications are reviewed, recognised and monitored by the regulatory bodies in order to make sure that unlike other training programmes out there, they meet specific criteria and quality standards.

MATA offers Level 4 (the equivalent of a foundation degree) Awards and Certificates that you can study at your own pace, using our VLE (virtual learning environment) as well as forums and discussions, then practical hands-on training with clinical experts. Our accredited courses have been endorsed and approved by industry bodies such as the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) and insurance bodies such as Hamilton Fraser. This shows that our courses meet the expected professional standards of quality, integrity and assessment, with relevant content and our courses will be valuable for both your personal and professional development.